Monday, 11 May 2009

first few days

after a 10 hour plane ride and unbeknownst to us a 3 hour bus ride we get to Harlaxton, the pictures just really dont do this place justice, we went around the manor, explored and took tond of pictures. I feel like I am in Beauty and the Beast! Meg and I even sang the song lol. We saw Jeff and he showed us all the passageways of course. Our room really reminds me of a cruise ship, i am on the top bunk haha hope I dont fall, this place is a little spooky but i havent thought much of it until about 11o'clock at night when i hear dani screaming meghan's name, dani tells us she saw a girl coming out of meghan's sheets and laughing at her needless to say i am totally terrified this would happen to me.
Last night dani saw a ghost and we didnt get much sleep after that! we slept all night with the lights on. Today was our first day of class we talked alot and then we went outside and took alot of pictures. In the afternoon it seemed like everyone went into town which was fun! we walked all around and it is the cutest place. we saw a big hat shop uhh where was that when we had g-big's bridal shower. Tonight the bistro is open so we all go down....I looove the bistro and wish it was open all the time!
Today we had an hour class, then we all went back and took a nap because I can speak for myself when I say I was exausted from a night of fun! At about 1 we got on a bus and traveled to Stratford upon Avon and Coventry.When I was getting off the bus in Coventry i slipped as usual and fell I hit my elbow and it hurt really bad I didnt think much of it and went on myt merry way. Coventry was so beautiful it had an old cathedral that had been bombed in WW2 and a new and a little modern for my taste was errected next door. we went off the beaten path and found a really awesome old cathedral and I got some beautiful shots for my story, then we get back on the bus and head to Straford Upon Avon. By now my elbow is still hurting which I dont think is right so I tell everyone I am with we need to be on the lookout for the pharmacy. We went to Shakespere's burial place which was really cool to see. Finally we find a Boots and I buy a skin rejuvination kit which i thought was a really funny name for band-aids, we walked around and saw shakespere's house and while some of the other girls went in, Emily and I went shopping. We ate at this really great place called the Encore which is apparently one of Shakespere's favorite place I dont know. Then we all met up and went to see the Winter's Tale at the Royal Shakespere Festival, The Winter's Tale is soo weird and I am not sure I would see it again, but it was a fun experience to see the actor's with real british accents! After we got on the bus an headed back to the Manor. I packed and went to sleep dreaming about Paris.

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