Sunday, 31 May 2009

Bath and London Blogs

May 26th,2009
Today we left Wales for Bath. Wales was an interesting experience and i think it is something i will need to do over again when i am older. We got to Bath and had lunch in a pub, my quesadillas had a gross and rediculous amount of salsa in them but they were'nt bad. Our Hotel is heaven and so cute. At 3:30 we go and see the Roman Bath's that was so much fun, I love the history on the Roman Empire and the Bath's were beautiful. After that we shopped around and went to a Mexican restaurant called Las Iguanas which i found out about through a book in my room at the Manor. The Food was so good I had a Chimichanga and i think it is one of the best chimichangas i've ever had. After dinner we went back to the hotel and went to sleep.
May 27,2009
Today was a miserable day. It is freezing and raining, not an ideal day at all. even though it is raing we still go to Stonehenge. Stonehenge is a must see but there isnt anything there. After Stonehenge we went to Wells a small town near Stonehenge. Finally we went back to Bath and Dakota,Bivins,Emily, Meghan, Dani and I all went to the Fashion Museum which was so facinating we got to try on corsetts and see fashion through the ages which i loved. We got back and went to Dinner and then we went to the grocery store and bought ice cream.
May 28,2009
Today we leave Bath for London, I will miss Bath it was so beautiful. We go into town one last time but unfortunatly the shopping in Bath isnt so great because everything is sooo expensive. We ate lunch at subway which was suprisingly good and cheap as well, then we are off to London. When we got all checked-in in London, Emily,Chelsea,Juanita,Meg,Dani and I went to find a Primark and when we got there it was insane it looked like it was the end of the world sale. We decide to go tommorrow and go off to find food. We ended up at a tex mex place in Notting Hill. Later we are in the Lobby and Rachel, Jeff and that crew rush in and tell us that they are going to "some club called Mahiki", ok Mahiki is a big deal Prince William and alot of other famous people go there and i really wanted to go so i was sooo jealous. I am sitting there and rachel comes in and tells me that they have space for one more and i can go. I think my heart stopped, i tore through my room and threw on a dress and was off to Mahiki. The Barnett's Concierge had called and made a reservation so we get up in line and tell them that we have 6, then they ask for ID and since i wasnt 21 i couldnt get in so we all left because me, bivins and james were too young. then we just came back to the hotel this will forever be known as the night i almost went to Mahiki.
May 29,2009
Today we went to High Tea at Harrods. Harrods is a crazy place i cant even begin to describe it, it is like Saks and Bloomingdales in New York put together. We go up to high tea in our little dresses and of course take tons of picture, i felt very posh. afterwards we decided to try to find tickets to Spring Awakening and after going to several ticket booths we go to wait in line at the box office. We were literally the next people to get tickets and they sold out. then i went out to this bar called Zoo with Emily, Cortney, Jess, Daniel and Dakota. It was fun but then it got sooo crowded. I was really hungry and so I went into a Burger King and the guy at the cashier next to me asked me why i was in London on holiday and at a burger king. I thought it was so funny.
May 30,2009
Today my grandpa's friend got me two tickets to the Trooping of the Colour which is in celebration of the Queen's Birthday (unfortunatly the queen wasnt there) It was so awesome. Then I got on a train to Cambridge to see my Aunt and Uncle. It was so much fun and i would have liked to spend more time there. After i got back i came back to the hotel and went to sleep i was so tired.

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