Thursday, 4 June 2009

Trip Advice

1) what you enjoyed most about the trip 
I enjoyed all of our side trips and really getting to see England, It is such a beautiful and intriguing country and i am glad I got to see almost all of it.
2) what you enjoyed the least
Food is always a struggle but I made due, I also felt like our time in London was a little stretched, I personally loved London but would have maybe liked to have gone to a few more places insted of 3 days in London when I didnt do as much.
3) suggestions for next year
I would love to have had more Brit Rail, and I also would have liked a trip to Paris as well, I went but it is such an easy side trip to make, I know the other group had a hard time in Paris but it is such a wonderful city and I think it is a worthy side trip.
4) advice for next year's students about what to do, not do, what to bring, etc.
Keep in mind that it is almost like a Florida winter while you are over there so make sure to pack acoordingly. I loved punting in Cambridge and also I liked Lincoln and Chester, I would have liked to spend more time in Chester. I also regret not bringing my Laptop, although it can be quite a hassle it is still so nice to have for assignments. Take advantage of the Brit Rails and really see England because it is a fabulous place. In Bath eat at Las Iguanas Mexican Restaurant it is so worth it and so good. Also if you are in room 511 at Harlaxton look for a notebook started by girls in 2001 it has great advice and is just all around fun to read, write in it. Throw theme parties at the Bistro they make your stay in Grantham more entertaining. Enjoy the fact that you are in England because you only live once.

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